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maroon cocoon

SILKE GLENZ Künstlerin aus Itzehoe macht Kunst für Privat- und Geschäftsräume

"Painting is arriving at a different space. " (Franz Marc, 1880-1916)



Design Workshops

My aim is to share my interior design knowledge, as only when we share are we in flow with ourselves and with what we are doing. Good design can be learnt and result from the motivation to redesign your home. I offer interior design workshops in order to enable those who cannot, or do not want to consult an interior designer to live their creativity and make harmonious and beautiful changes.

Three Fotos: Stones, drapery and wood

How to use different materials effectively

Weekend workshops plan to teach you about colour, shape, texture, pattern and line. We will experiment with colours and fabrics and see what effects these elements have on the overall impression of a room. I help you to explore your creativity, redesign areas of your home and to deal with this playfully.

Three Fotos: Brushs, Pigments and different Material

How to match textures and colours

Three Fotos: Color Chart, Book with Examples and a Room

How to transfer your ideas to the interior

Courses are run in German and English.

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