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maroon cocoon

SILKE GLENZ Künstlerin aus Itzehoe macht Kunst für Privat- und Geschäftsräume

"Painting is arriving at a different space. " (Franz Marc, 1880-1916)



Acrylic and Mixed Media


Design Workshops

Welcome to maroon cocoon!

If you are looking for wonderful, unconventional paintings and drawings for your home or office space or are seeking inspiration in the interior design field, then this is the site for you!

What is maroon cocoon?

Whether in an office or private space, paintings create a personal relation for you as well as for your guest or client.

Maroon cocoon offers the possibility of creating your own cocoon through the choice of special paintings - your personal realm, a space designed according to your own taste, in which you successfully work or relax. A space which, like a cocoon, produces new things and thus nourishes the flow of life and its very own energy.



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