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maroon cocoon

SILKE GLENZ Künstlerin aus Itzehoe macht Kunst für Privat- und Geschäftsräume

"Painting is arriving at a different space. " (Franz Marc, 1880-1916)



Acrylic and Mixed Media



Paintings make spaces more interesting. They invite you to stay, prompt you to reflect and provoke you. They purposefully draw the attention to important areas, correct unfavourable room proportions and lead your client or guest to a specific point, view or room. Paintings are healing. They give you energy and encourage you to dream and visualise.

Rooted in interior desgin, I purposefully paint particular pictures for specific spaces, with the aim of making these look more attractive and create the desired atmosphere. With its very own character, each of my paintings gives your interior a unique touch.

My paintings and drawings are very organic as everything in life is flow and this flow is the source of creativity. The paintings are produced with a combination of very different media: Acrylics, watercolour, pigments, pastel and oil chalk, wax pastel, gel and modelling paste, pencil, charcoal and marker. My work is the result of an intentional but playful use of these materials. They grow through the individual process of intuitive work.

All artworks are unique and are not copied in the same way a second time. Because none of us are alike and everyone needs something different. With this approach I want to pay tribute to the individuality of each of us.

Link to my virtual galleries: Acrylic and Mixed Media, Drawings

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