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maroon cocoon

SILKE GLENZ Künstlerin aus Itzehoe macht Kunst für Privat- und Geschäftsräume

"Painting is arriving at a different space. " (Franz Marc, 1880-1916)



Foto of a Painting

"Iceland II" - 6.3 x 6.3 inches - Acryl, mixed media on canvas

Artist's Statement

Having worked in different jobs for a variety of national and international companies for a long time, I came to realise that I wished to experience my own creative process and focus on the artistic field rather than the organisational field. This led me to interior design which asks for creative thinking and encourages artistic exploration.

However, what is interior design without personality? Everyone knows the visually harmonious but boring design suggestions made in high-gloss magazines. The human being is wonderfully complex and this should be reflected by the interior design. Thus, my interior design education showed me that art forms an integral part of design.

The way forward is not to copy but to create individual rooms which reflect the owner's character and match his or her needs. It is about accounting for their personality and emphasising this. In this context, what would be more appropriate than the use of unique artwork?

I create paintings which, according to their use in private or public spaces, largely vary in colour, texture, pattern, size or theme. My paintings make your rooms look more interesting and create a personal relation to your customer. In the private context, they are intended to be a powerful focal point which enables you to create your own atmoshpere of well-being. Everyone needs a cocoon in which they can be creative or relax.

Silke Glenz

October 2008


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